Who We Are

Immigrants First, PLLC started in 2007 to defend the rights and dignity of immigrants and to create a pathway to legal status, safety and security. We are experts in what we do and have successfully represented hundreds of immigrants and their families in removal defense, asylum, adjustment of status, humanitarian and naturalization cases.

Our team practices immigration law because helping foreign nationals and their families achieve their American dream is the best way for us to fulfill our dream and purpose to be of service in the world and to humanity.

Our Approach

Our approach is to provide a comprehensive presentation of our clients’ cases with detailed statements, research, and legal briefs to immigration adjudicators; often times we win cases based on our written submissions without the need for a full hearing. We are trained and experienced in trauma-based client care and our holistic, client-centered approach creates winning cases and positive transformation in the lives of our clients.

Our Community

Our work goes beyond client representation. We have been on the front lines providing information to thousands of people in our community about immigration law, “Know Your Rights,” and emergency safety planning. We volunteer with immigrant rights nonprofits, teach at universities, and advise local and national government leaders on policy issues, including testifying before Congress. When crisis hits, we are there volunteering our expertise, including at border detention centers to help detainees get released on bond and unite with their families.

Our Mission

Excellence in service to the rights, dignity and security of immigrants is our mission. We understand that the success of our work dramatically impacts every part of our clients’ lives. Whether we are reuniting family members, preventing the deportation of a father, or getting a green card for an international aid worker, we undertake our work as seriously as we would representing our own family members. We are strong and zealous advocates for our clients’ rights under United States immigration law.

Why We Win

We win cases because:

  • We know immigration law and have 20+ years of immigration experience representing foreign nationals from around the world in an array of immigration matters. Our experience spans different settings of multinational law firms, local firms, non-profits and community service and volunteer efforts.
  • We are committed to providing our clients with the best immigration advice and representation possible.
  • We work hard to provide thoroughly prepared and documented applications and petitions for relief, backed by excellence in research and brief writing.
  • We respect our clients as an essential part of the immigration process by keeping them informed and involved in their case.
  • We have a deep understanding of multiculturalism and know how to help clients tell their stories in compelling ways that can make the difference and win the case.
  • We have a passion for making the world a better place through our work — a place where families can be and remain united in safety, security, and where their human and civil rights are respected and protected.
  • Our holistic philosophy of practicing law sets us apart from other immigration lawyers. We are not just lawyers and our clients are not just cases. From our first meeting, and throughout the representation of a case, we serve the human needs while addressing the legal issues. As a result of our approach, we develop mutual trust, achieve successful results, and make life-long relationships.
  • We are advocates in court, with ICE, USCIS, and on policy matters with local, state and national officials. Through our presentations we have reached thousands of people and created positive change in our community. Because of our expertise and extensive community involvement on immigration issues, we are a go-to source of information for the media, government officials, community organizations, and educational institutions.

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