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Joe Z. Deng

Phone: 703-335-2009
Fax: 703-335-5755
Joe Z. Deng Joined Immigrant First in 2020 as an Associate Attorney and represents individuals before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and in Immigration Court. Joe works on variety of immigration matters including Asylum, Remova… Read More
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Morsal Hasimee

Phone: 703-335-2009
Fax: 703-335-5755
Morsal Hashimee gained expertise drafting legal briefs as a law clerk for Immigrants First. Now an Associate Attorney, she works primarily on asylum, removal, and waiver cases. Morsal draws on her personal background as a child of immigrants from Afg… Read More
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Natalie Babaniyi

Phone: 703-335-2009
Fax: 703-335-5755
Natalie Robinson has over ten years of legal experience representing universities and colleges in a variety of issues covering immigration, contracting, and regulatory compliance. Natalie has a special place in her heart for immigration law and enjoy… Read More
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Lisa Shea (formerly Lisa Johnson-Firth)

Phone: 703-335-2009
Cell: 703-868-8801
Fax: 703-335-5755
Lisa Shea (formerly Lisa Johnson-Firth) is the Managing Partner of Immigrants First, PLLC, which she founded in 2007 at the start of rigorous immigration enforcement in Prince William County and Manassas, Virginia. Prince William County had just pass… Read More
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William Major

Phone: 703-335-2009
Fax: 703-335-5755
William Major is an IT professional who is retired from the Air Force and from the Department of Defense, where he specialized in telecommunications, computers and networking. He supports Immigrants First with his IT and telecom skills to keep the fi… Read More
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Sonia Montalvo

Phone: 703-335-2009
Sonia Montalvo joined the team of Immigrants First in February 2021 as a Legal Assistant. Sonia emigrated from Bolivia in 1983 with her husband and four-year old daughter and began working in the immigration field in the fall of 1999. Her experience… Read More
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Cindy Rodriguez

Phone: 703-335-2009
Fax: 703-335-5755
Cindy Rodriguez’s family is from Mexico and she enjoys helping immigrant families go through the immigration process to achieve positive outcomes, especially because the work is interesting and always changing. Cindy interned at Immigrants First fo… Read More
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Ryan Williamson

Phone: 703-335-2009
Ryan is a US citizen, but lived in Spain as a permanent resident for over 13 years. Having gone through the process himself of obtaining permanent residency there, with only having had a rudimentary knowledge of the local languages (Spanish and Catal… Read More
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Catherine von Zakrzewski

Phone: 703-335-2009
Catherine von Zakrzewski immigrated from Uruguay 20 years ago seeking for a better future for her family. She understands very well the difficulties and sufferings that immigrants go through when living in a new country, especially where language is… Read More
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