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Lawyers Advise Immigrants Before Pr. William Crackdown (The Examiner)

A week before the crackdown is scheduled to occur, lawyers and civil rights advocates are giving information to the immigrant community about what to expect once the resolution becomes effective. Prince William County’s resolution has taken action that has made national headlines for its aggressive policy towards illegal immigration.

About 300 people attended a lengthy legal briefing Tuesday night at a Woodbridge restaurant, said Lisa Johnson-Firth, a lawyer with the Immigration and Human Rights Law Group in Manassas, adding demand has never been higher.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” she said.

When the resolution takes effect, police officers will begin checking the legal status of immigrants involved in even minor crimes if there is probable cause to believe that person is in the US in violation of federal immigration law.

If an immigrant is questioned about his or her status, Johnson-Firth said, the person should, “Remain silent. Remain silent. Remain silent. Request a lawyer.”


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