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Latino Immigrants Stand Their Ground (Washington Post)

Latino immigrants and lawyers in Prince William County are working to inform immigrants about the policy change in the county that will target out of status immigrants.

Lisa Johnson Firth, an immigration lawyer in Manassas, said her firm is advising callers and clients about how to prepare for the possibility of being detained and deported.

"They need to have a plan. They should have money in the bank, emergency transportation, someone who can care for their children, someone who knows where their documents are," said Johnson-Firth, who was handing out legal rights fliers in a church basement last Thursday night. "Once they are detained and may be deported, everything becomes much more difficult."

Working with other rights groups, Johnson-Firth's office has also printed “remain silent cards” that immigrants can hand to the police which indicate they are maintaining their right to remain silent and ask for a lawyer. Johnson-Firth made it clear that even illegal immigrants are entitled to full due process.


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