Consultations with Immigrants First

Consultations are a shared opportunity to explore all the aspects of a case and find the best solutions possible. Immigrants First's consultation process is one of the most thorough available among immigration law firms because we do not limit the time necessary to understand each case. Most of our consultations are one hour, but sometimes longer for complicated situations. After we have interviewed a potential client, we present and explain all possible options. Consultations are available in person at our office, over the phone, or via Skype.

We are usually able to provide an estimate of how much representation will cost during the consultation. Most of our work is done on a flat-fee basis and payment plans are available. We provide outstanding legal representation at competitive rates.

We have clients throughout the United States and we can work remotely with any client, anywhere.

What to Provide Before a Consultation

In order for us to give the best legal advice, it is important that we have as much information as possible about the case. Where it is available or can be obtained, we need the following documentation for the person who is of concern in the consultation:

  • Current and expired passports, with I-94 cards
  • Current and expired green cards and employment authorization documents
  • Driver's license and birth certificate
  • Previous immigration or criminal documentation, such as correspondence with USCIS, ICE, and police and court records
  • Any other documentation we request when the appointment is scheduled

If the client has worked with previous immigration or criminal counsel, we would like a copy of the previous file, either at the consultation or after we are hired. We can assist in obtaining the file, if needed.

Consultation Fee for New Clients is $150. For particularly complex consultations or if we need to review substantial amounts of documents that cause the consultation to run more than an hour, we will charge an additional $100. If we are asked to conduct a consultation at the Prince William County Adult Detention Center, the fee is $300.

Consultation for Lawyers. We are pleased to assist other lawyers with questions. We do not charge for this service as a professional courtesy unless the question is more complex, involves research or a written opinion.

Payment Method. We accept cash, check, credit and debit cards. Payment plans are available.