Ryan is a US citizen, but lived in Spain as a permanent resident for over 13 years. Having gone through the process himself of obtaining permanent residency there, with only having had a rudimentary knowledge of the local languages (Spanish and Catalan) when he moved there, has allowed him to understand the plight of immigrants here. While in Spain, he taught English as a Second Language to Spanish speaking adults and professionals in every field and at every level and became a Cambridge University Speaking and Writing Examiner to assess all levels of English for official certification. He also worked as an English Editor of worldwide publications for Spanish writers and wrote a book, English for Winemakers, as he lived for many years in Spanish wine producing areas. He is a graduate of Allegheny College, with a BA in history and English.

After having returned home permanently to the US, Ryan has become a recent addition to the Immigrants First family and is enthusiastic about using his own experiences to help others find their way towards legal residency and possibly citizenship. He loves the written word and hopes to improve his own basic functional Spanish with his work here.